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Support, proper care and education can totally change the meaning of life for orphans and underprivileged children. It can give them a hope that they are not alone, helping them grow, excel and progress in life the way they deserve as a child.

Currently, Alkhidmat is sponsoring 29,603 Orphans under Alkhidmat Orphan Care Program, with 27,766 orphans being sponsored at their homes and an additional 1,837 orphans at Aghosh Homes.

Help us provide continuity of support to orphans, deserving students and underprivileged families. Donate in the Holy month of Ramadan and earn double reward by Allah (SWT).  Give your Zakat, Sadaqah, Fidya or Kafarah and your Ramadan donations to Alkhidmat Foundation that will help us provide better life and brighter future to the orphans, most deserving children, widows, students and families. Donate today to make an impact on vulnerable lives!

Zakat Project

Ways To Donate

Donate Online

You can donate to Alkhidmat using using your debit or credit. Donate Now:

Home Collection

You can donate through cheques or bank drafts. We are just one call away. Call Now: 0300 85 91 619 | 0331 111 0403 | 051 26 11 911

Direct Deposit

You can direct deposit to Alkhidmat's selected bank accounts.

Mobile Transfer

You can donate by using Jazz Cash & EasyPaisa Mobile Apps

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